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Yoga Sessions

I am a graduate of ARHANTA YOGA International India since 2018, trained in HATHA yoga and pranayama, meditation, and philosophy. I practice the "therapeutic" part of yoga, a branch of Indian Ayurvedic medicine.

The ultimate goal of yoga in the Hindu tradition is the liberation of the ego, spiritual awakening. At our level, the important thing is to find health and well-being in body and mind.

I offer individual or small group sessions upon demand. There is the possibility to conduct sessions online via the ZOOM platform. I also offer discovery sessions at wellness events.

Session detail

During the sessions, I make a conscious effort to transmit the benefits of the exercises performed as well as share a little Yogic philosophy to awaken and relieve our minds. A session includes:

  • First of all, breathing exercises and body awareness.
  • Warm-up exercises for the body such as the sun salutation.
  • Then postures called "ASANA" made consciously with the breath.
  • A final relaxation allows integrating the benefits of the session and the postures performed.

What is my yoga practice?

The HATHA yoga practiced during my sessions is a yoga aimed at restoring and/or maintaining mobility and flexibility, in all parts of the body, by performing accessible postures that respect the general health of the practitioner. This practice brings general well-being that is quickly felt both physically and psychologically.

Thanks to my knowledge of the body and my experience as an osteopath, I am used to accompanying people with physical problems. I propose an accessible and adapted practice, which allows everyone to access this practice and its benefits.