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About Steffie Payraudeau


Since 2015, I have been a graduate of the Sutherland College of Osteopathy, following a 5-year course in accordance with current legislation. I started by practicing as a replacement and assistant to stay close to more experienced sisters and brothers.

It is since 2017 that I started an individual practice, in Saint-Gilles-Croix-De-Vie. I attach an importance to communication with my colleagues in the paramedical and medical professions, in order to provide the best support to patients in their health journey.

In 2018, I went to India to train in HATHA YOGA. I was already practicing it since 2014. This practice is therapeutic in India (a branch of Ayurvedic medicine). I have deepened my knowledge of the philosophy behind it, which also takes into account the globality of the practitioner.

Throughout my training, I have given special attention to the world of early childhood and motherhood. In my fourth year of study, I had the chance to do an internship with a liberal midwife. Then, I did my internships in Osteopathy with sisters receiving many newborns and pregnant women. I am very sensitive and competent in the reception and follow-up during maternity and the growth of children.

Why did I become an osteopath?

The need to understand how the human body functions in good health and to accompany patients in awakening their healing system. To understand the natural laws of the body in order to put them back into motion.

Taking care of the whole patient is very important to me. In addition to being passionate about anatomy and physiology, I give a lot of importance to the human psyche. It impacts physical health just as physical health can impact the psyche. I therefore offer a particular interest in the exchanges during the sessions.

Assuming that everything we need is out there. I like to offer natural, simple and adapted advice according to each person's needs, which can accompany you to promote full health.

« Finding health should be the doctor's goal. Anyone can find illness. »

Philosophie de l’ostéopathie,2003, p.31 STILL A.T.

What is my practice?

The consultation begins with an interview to understand the reason for your presence and to learn about your medical history. It is important to rule out a condition that requires a medical consultation beforehand. In which case, I may not take charge if it is the result of the medical profession and not of my profession.

My practice is soft, I use structural techniques only when necessary and appropriate, but rarely. There are always other equally effective and less invasive methods to achieve the same result.

My practice is tissue and visceral, focusing on the cranial system from which the whole body regulates itself.

I adapt the techniques on a case-by-case basis.

At the end of the consultation, I like to share, if need be, simple advice so that my patients can be actors in their well-being.

Currently, a large proportion of mutual health insurance companies cover all or part of the cost of osteopathic consultations. I am therefore providing you with a certificate of consultation so that you can have access to this coverage.